Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little Victories

Currently listening to: Little Victories, Matt Nathanson
This time I'll be sailing
No more bailing boats for me
I'll be out here on the sea
Just my confidence and me

And I'll be awful sometimes
Weakened to my knees
But I'll learn to get by
On the little victories

This time I'll have no fear
I'll be standing strong and tall
I'll turn my back towards them all

And I'll be awful sometimes
Weakened to my knees
But I'll learn to get by
And I'll learn to get by
On the little victories

And if the world decides
To catch up with me
Still little victories
Lyrics from MetroLyrics

After much time away, I have come to realize I really miss keeping up with friends and family through a blog outlet. As much as I wish I was someone like Amanda, who might single handedly keep the post office in business with her dedication to snail mail, I am not her. That is not to say I do not enjoy receiving snail mail (send me letters and postcards, I love them!) and that I do not contribute to keeping the USPS in business (I just sent 4 postcards from Detroit); however, in today's little victory, I am acknowledging that the internet is a better bet for me.

Speaking of Detroit, here are pictures from my recent trip.

The common reaction I received from people when they found out I was visiting Detroit was "why?" My immediate reaction to this was to return the question with a question, "why not?" Detroit is an amazing city with a history that chronicles some of America's greatest achievements and struggles. I can't think of a single reason why this city, or any city in America, would be somehow "unworthy" of visiting. The people I met, whether on the street, in an elevator, or at a restaurant, were beyond nice. They were talkative and friendly in a refreshing way, something I don't get a lot of in the fast moving cities of Southern California. In many ways, the city reminded me of New Orleans: another city that is hurting, but refuses to give up on itself. My only regrets are that I did not allow myself more time to explore and that I did not bring my passport, Canada had to be enjoyed from afar. I suppose I will just have to plan a second trip.


Amanda Stempson said...

Ha ha, I try. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Molly said...

I'm glad to see you are back. I look forward to getting updates about your daily happenings!